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Project Finance
  • Arrangement of all Types of Loan as per the requirements of Borrower from Banks/Institutions.
  • Arrangement of Private Equity with or without control on management.
  • Arrangement of External Commercial Borrowing
  • Arrangement of Personal Loan, Property Loan, Housing Loan, Vehicle Loan, Mortgage Loan
  • Assist the client's in documentation to avail various facilities and in Renewals.
  • Preparation & Appraisal of Project Report.
  • Liaison with Bank Managers, Advocates, Valuers, Solicitors and Clients.
  • Advising of Resource Mobilization.
  • Restructuring of Debts.
  • Advising on optimum use of financial resources.
  • Assist in Improving Cash Flow System.
  • Reviewing and Advising on Blockages of Funds in Debtors/Inventories and also tracking Diversion of Funds.
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